R. Roland Jelinek 

Founder | Author | Composer | Educator

Roland Jelinek is an award-winning composer, violist, music educator of over twenty years, and recent author. He started writing books for his young daughter Coral after she started dictating the stories of "The Adventures of Mr. Peanuts" to him. He has a love of all things science, space, astronomy, and cosmology and loves to educate children about STEAM subjects. 

Mr. Jelinek is a talented composer of Chamber Music, Orchestral Music, New-Age Compositions, and has composed over three-hundred and fifty additional works of varying genres. He is a prolific composer in the new 21st Century compositional genre. Mr. Jelinek is innovative in his compositional works by using mathematics as an inspiration to compose new original works. 

He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Russian Blue cat "Blue", and his daughter, Coral. His book series include topics on science, engineering, technology, math, music, early learning, and books for young children on basic skills, such as alphabet learning, and more!